Anna’s Life

Mary Anna Bresnahan passed away on December 21st.

Known to all as Anna, she was an active and much loved part of the Pasadena community.

Mother of Regan Wensnahan and Fraser Bresnahan, grandmother of Jasper and Casey Wensnahan and Tatia Bresnahan, and wife of Dana Bresnahan (1925-2007.)

For many years, Anna was the Administrator of the department of Neurology at LA County Hospital/USC School of Medicine and Program Coordinator of the Clinical Neurophisiology Fellowship, she was past Board Chair of the Pacific Asia Museum, a long-time member of the Pasadena Art Alliance, an Honorary Trustee of the Southwest Chamber Orchestra, a participant in many programs and activities of the Pasadena Senior Center and the Pasadena Conservatory of Music, a Co-Founder of Community Action for Parks, and an advocate for education, music, and the arts.